Saturday, July 2, 2016

Rainbows in my Kitchen

If it turns out that I get up extra early (which does not happen very often) on a bright, sunny morning, I sneak down the hallway to see if I can discover rainbows dancing in the kitchen.  Yes, you heard that right -- rainbows dancing in the kitchen!!  One of my dear friends gave me a beautiful prism for a Valentine's Day gift in 2014.  I have it hanging in the kitchen window alongside my crystal hummingbirds so it will catch the morning rays of sunlight. 

On bright mornings, the sunlight magically bounces off the prism and forms small rainbows that pirouette across the countertops and spin and twirl like little colorful dervishes as the sun travels across the eastern sky.  I never know when these delightful rainbows will greet me or how long before they fade away into thin air.  When I am fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of them, I always whisper a thank you for the mystical illusion being shared with me by the powers that be.

It would be so very intriguing to summon these enchanting rainbow dervishes to dance on demand.  They would definitely turn any bad day immediately into a splendid day!!

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