Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mascara Miscreants

  Why is it when I am putting on mascara, I come up with the best darn ideas?  I immediately must write them down so I do not forget.  They may be ideas for writing, things I need to share with someone, items for my endless to-do list, juicy gossip, a word I totally could not think of the day before, etc.  These little puffs of inspiration come at the most inconvenient moments.  If I do not immediately preserve them in some way, they will melt into the ether and be lost again, possibly never to return.
            I suppose this little practice has something to do with the fact that while I am attempting to apply mascara just on my eyelashes and not poke myself in the eyeball, my creative psyche takes over, the flood gates open, and the thoughts and ideas come rushing out with a roar.
        Then would be a good time to have more than two hands.  With a mascara brush in one hand, a mirror in the other, how am I suppose to write down these puffs before they escape my pea brain?  After a swipe of the mascara brush, I put down it down, scribble a note or two, pick it back up, and carry on with another swipe.  I am never too far away from pen and paper -- never!!
             There is no telling how many great thoughts I have lost over the years before I learned I must always have a pen and a piece of paper nearby to catch those wispy miscreants.  So without further adieu, I am going to go and make sure I have a pen and enough scrap paper nearby my makeup bag so I will be prepared for tomorrow morning!!

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